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Welcome to Paw Revolution!


We’ve been feeding our own pets fresh, species-appropriate food for many years and have seen how they’ve thrived ever since we ditched the junky stuff.

Leaner bodies, more energy, fewer vet visits, shiny coats plus they all smell like milk & honey! These are just a few of the benefits of feeding your pets something that is biologically appropriate for them instead of something made of rendered, non-bioavailable, most likely euthanized and/or road-killed scraps!

The concept is very simple. The basic ingredients you use for your own food are almost exactly the same that should be used for your pets!


Our meals are completely balanced so that your pet can enjoy a healthy meal and better yet, every culinary morsel is reviewed by certified nutritionists in order to offer the very best for your companion's diet. 

With the best quality human-grade and locally sourced ingredients, you can rest assured that your best friend will be well fed.

Our boutique selection of gourmet pet food is carefully selected to offer more choice, and includes high quality products made by reputable brands we know cats & dogs will love.

Still looking for something a little more specific for your cat or dog? Get in touch with us, and we can help formulate a tailored recipe for you!


join the revolution!

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