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  • How should I feed raw meals to my pets?
    We offer an amazing choice of fresh, species appropriate meals for cats and dogs. These meals are balanced according to NRC, AAFCO and FDIAF standards, and have been formulated and approved by industry-known certified pet nutritionists. Feeding your pet a raw diet is a decision for the long term, and would require an appropriate gradual transition program from the old diet to the new one.
  • What precautions are taken to ensure freshness of the frozen meals?
    Our products are freshly prepared and delivered directly to you or stored in freezers at optimum freezing temperatures. All meals will be transported in protective insulated boxes and delivered directly to your doorstep.
  • How can I defrost frozen meals?
    It is recommended to thaw the meals in the refrigerator which can between 24 to 48 hours to fully defrost. Another alternative is to defrost the meals using cold water by placing the unopened pack in a leak-proof bag and placing in cool water. Changing the water every 30 minutes will allow gradual thawing in a few hours’ time. Once a meal is defrosted it should be kept in the fridge for up to two days. Any food that is offered to your pet should be consumed immediately, and any food not consumed should be disposed of immediately.
  • Guidelines for handling fresh and raw meals
    Before and after handling raw meat, always wash your hands, utensils and working surface with warm, soapy water before opening the bag. Once opened, put the raw food straight into your pet’s bowl for them to enjoy. Once your pet has finished eating, please discard any food not consumed from the bowl and the fridge and wash their dish with warm soapy water. It always a good idea to keep separate cleaning materials such as sponges and towels for use on anything that holds raw meat.
  • Are our raw meals suitable for puppies & kittens?
    Our current selection of meals is only suitable for adult cats and dogs. Please get in touch with us to discuss any specific dietary requirements for your pets outside of this.
  • If I’ve ordered the wrong item, can I return it?"
    If you have ordered the wrong item and the error was from your side, you are eligible for an exchange if you notify us within 72 hours of receiving the delivery. The item must be unopened, and in the same condition/packaging as it originally was when you received it. In case the item is frozen, it must remain frozen until we receive it from you. There will be an AED 50 delivery fee, and you will be eligible to exchange the item for one that is equal or higher in price.
  • If I’ve changed my mind about my order, and do not want it anymore, can I return what I have purchased?"
    Yes, but please notify us 24 hours prior to delivery and we will cancel your order and process your refund
  • I’ve received a damaged product, what should I do?"
    If you have received a damaged product, please contact us immediately (up to 48 hours from receipt of product only) so we can exchange it for you. The damaged item you received should be returned to us in the same condition it was received. Upon our inspection, we will process the exchange and/or refund accordingly if the damaged item meets the relevant criteria. In the case the damaged product is frozen, it must remain frozen until we receive it from you.
  • I ordered a type of food/treats for my pet, but they did not like it, can I exchange it for something else or return it for a refund?"
    No. Unless the products are damaged as per our policy, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to such a circumstance.
  • Under what conditions do you not accept an exchange?
    The following cases are not eligible for any refunds or exchange in any way: Products purchased on special offers, on a general discount and/or using a discount code. Items delivered in their original packaging cannot be exchanged if they have been opened Any items with their labels removed Used/consumed items
  • If I am eligible to exchange a product as per the above policy, how long do I have to make the exchange?"
    If you are eligible for an exchange as per the above policy, it must be processed within 10 days of delivery.
  • Which areas do you deliver to?
    We deliver across the UAE
  • What are your delivery timings?
    We deliver daily and upon confirming your order, we will contact you to arrange a delivery time.
  • Guidelines for transitioning your pet to raw food
    When transitioning from kibble/wet food, it is recommended make it as gradual as possible. Typically, transitioning over a 7-10 day period is ideal, but it can take longer depending on your pet (especially for cats). As a general guideline, most people start with the following guideline and then adjust accordingly over time: Days 13: a quarter portion of raw along with three quarters portion current food Days 46: half the portion of raw along with the other half the current diet Days 79: three quarters portion of raw along with a quarter of the current food Days 10 onwards: 100% raw If your pet is currently strictly on a kibble diet, it is first recommended to do the following: Eliminate freefeeding by serving kibble at pre-set times during the day (twice a day for dogs & three times a day for cats), by following daily portions listed on the packaging After a week or so, start the transition from their old food to their raw meals as per the above guidelines For cats, more patience may be needed, and you may be required to start with as little as half or even a quarter of a teaspoon of raw food, either mixed with their current food or placed next to it on the same bowl. At any given point during the transition, if your pet refuses to eat, go back a few steps to where they were comfortable and start again.
  • Guidelines for feeding your pet raw meals
    For dogs: Your dog’s consumption is dependent on its weight, age, metabolism, and activity level. As a general rule, we recommend feeding small dogs 3% of their body weight, and large dogs 2.5%. Monitor your pet’s weight and body condition then adjust accordingly. Increasing the body weight percentage promotes weight gain while reducing it supports weight loss and finding the right balance (approximately around 2.5% to 3%) will maintain the desired weight. For cats: Your cat’s consumption is dependent on its weight, age, metabolism and activity level. As a general rule, we recommend feeding 2-3% of their body weight, daily. Monitor your pet’s weight and body condition, then adjust accordingly. Increasing the body weight percentage promotes weight gain while reducing it supports weight loss and finding the right balance will maintain the desired weight.
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