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Gazelle Tripe - Dehydrated Gazelle Tripe

Here's a take on some interesting tripe! Gazelle! Locally sourced, and a novel protein that also comes with the usual benefits.


Tripe is an excellent source of protein and has an almost perfectly balanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus!

Raw green tripe is full of digestive enzymes, healthy pre and probiotics, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, and various amino acids -Leucine, Proline & Aspartic Acid- all of which have crucial nutritional value for dogs & cats.


Recommended for: Dogs of all life stages (cats too!)


100% single-ingredient. Nothing other than Tripe! No steroids, preservatives or additives!

Gazelle Tripe - Dehydrated Gazelle Tripe

  • 100% Gazelle Green Tripe

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